• Dated: June 17, 2022   |   Duration: 11:20
    The ‘Elvis' star, joined by director Baz Luhrmann, tell us all about the highly-anticipated film.
  • Dated: June 23, 2022   |   Duration: 08:06
    American actor Austin Butler decided not to return to the US when COVID shut down production of 'Elvis' in Australia. He tells Weekend Sunrise Movie Man Jason 'Jabba' Davis why he stayed.
  • Dated: June 18, 2022   |   Duration: 01:14
    Butler spoke with Elvis’ daughter in a “20/20” interview about portraying the “King of Rock and Roll” in the new “Elvis” film.
  • Dated: June 5, 2022   |   Duration: 06:55
    Austin Butler dedicated three years to perfecting the nuances of Elvis. Austin tells us how much of the singing amd guitar playing was him, and why did he audition in a bathrobe?
  • Dated: June 13, 2022   |   Duration: 09:09
    The Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic dives into the story of the legendary Elvis Presley and his longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker.
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