Ruby & the Rockits

Character: Jordan Gallagher

Created by: Shaun Cassidy, Ed Yeager

Cast Members: Alexa Vega, Patrick Cassidy, Katie A. Keane, Kurt Doss, David Cassidy

Released date: July 21, 2009

Episode(s) Number: All Episodes

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 23 min

A young girl must struggle with teen life, her casino-night-singer father, living with her uncle and cousins, and the fact that her father and uncle keep remembering when they were famous rock musicians in the 80's.

Ruby_and_The_Rockits_S01E04_Its_My_Party_and_Ill_Lie_If_I_Want_to_avi2775.jpg Ruby_and_The_Rockits_S01E03_Do_You_Want_to_Blow_a_Secret_avi2207.jpg Ruby_and_The_Rockits_S01E10_Smells_Like_Teen_Drama_avi2027.jpg 007.jpg

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