Episode Guide

1.11 – Oops! I Meddled Again

(July 14, 2006)
Directed by: David Kendall, Fred Savage | Written by: Douglas Lieblein, Michael Poryes

Hannah_Montana_S01_E11_Oops_I_Meddled_Again_avi0685.jpg Hannah_Montana_S01_E11_Oops_I_Meddled_Again_avi0684.jpg Hannah_Montana_S01_E11_Oops_I_Meddled_Again_avi0631.jpg

Miley gets E-mail’s about a girl named Becca, and she writes about her feelings toward Oliver and everything gets confused, meanwhile Jackson is being taken advantage of by Rico.

2.07 – My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

(May 18, 2007)
Directed by: Roger Christiansen | Written by: Jay Demopoulos

Hannah_Montana_S02_E07_avi0081.jpg Hannah_Montana_S02_E07_avi0107.jpg Hannah_Montana_S02_E07_avi0114.jpg Hannah_Montana_S02_E07_avi0072.jpg

Lily has a new boyfriend, Luke. Miley catches Lucas making out with another girl. Miley proves to Lily that Luke is cheating on her. Someone steals a pair of sunglasses and Rico installs a new security system to prevent any other thefts.
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