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Ashley Tisdale falls a little bit in love with Austin Butler sitting on the steps of their apartment building in this new still from Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

Austin, 20, who plays Sharpay’s love interest in the movie tells us that although they worked together before, this flick was a whole new ballpark.

“The first time we worked together we weren’t as close as we were now so it’s more fun working on this one. I say that because most of our scenes are together, where before we had almost none together. It’s [a bit] weird now because before I was playing her cousin and now I’m playing her love interest. In the intimate scenes where we’re closer and stuff is where it gets a little awkward, because she’s like my sister. But those are the only things,” Austin tells us.

So what did they do to bond off-set? Workouts! “She would knock on my door at 5AM and drag me down to the hotel gym. We did that everyday, too.”

Source: Just Jared, Jr.

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